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Top 10 mobile applications development companies in the United States

The market for mobile applications development is growing at an alarming rate and is expected to continue to grow in the future. As a result, competition for new clients and retention of existing clients is increasing. App development companies need to demonstrate their unique value propositions to survive in the competition. Fortunately, there are several companies in mobile applications development space who are well placed to meet this challenge.

This blog discusses the top ten mobile applications development companies in the United States that can create scalable and high-performance applications. Looking for the best mobile application development company in the United States in 2022?

Here is the list of the top ten U.S. app developers.

  • TekRevol LLC


  • Orangesoft

  • OpenXcell

  • Terapodstech

  • Messapps

  • Innowise Group

  • Resourcifi

  • Mercury Development

  • ScienceSoft

TekRevol LLC

Tekrevol is an award-winning mobile application developer with a professional mobile application developer to build your application.

TekRevol is a start-up project established in 2014. It is dedicated to providing creative digital solutions for start-ups and businesses, including the design and development of modern applications, websites, games and e-business platforms.

The company favours innovative thinking and uses a dynamic approach, using emerging technologies and intuitions to understand the industry and solve problems. TekRevol is a highly driven team dedicated to creating unparalleled brands and values and providing meaningful digital experience. is a custom mobile applications and website development company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In addition, we employ a team of highly skilled search engine marketing and social media specialists, focusing on results-oriented Internet marketing services. was launched in 2000 in Scottsdale Arizona, initially as a fully serviced web site development and Internet marketing company. is not only a trusted Internet technology developer in Arizona, but also nationwide. It believes in excellent client service, including coherent and timely communication. From coding and design to testing and marketing, the team brand trust that offers the best Internet solutions. The team members have accepted the idea that can succeed only if our clients are fully satisfied with their development experience. It's the core of the company. Our goal is to establish high industry standards based on quality and communication. Whether we develop mobile applications or very complex databases and e-commerce websites, we will provide the best representation of your business through our work.


Orange Soft is a mobile application and network development company. It build applications for iOS, Android, and the network from scratch. In 2011, it began to guide companies into mobile and network development, and many successful projects have been completed since then.

Over the years, OrangeSoft has become a full-cycle software development company that offers high-productivity and cost-effective solutions in various areas. It aims to provide a full cycle of mobile applications and network development services: mobile applications development; network development; UI/UX design; business analysis; quality assurance; and we will be happy to help you create new applications.


OpenXcell is a network, software and mobile application development company in leading industries in the United States and India, known for providing innovative solutions and adopting mobile applications. OpenXcell was founded in 2009 and is based in the United States and is a leading resource recruitment and software solution development company.

It is known to provide the top IOS and Android service, with highly skilled resources and over 10 years of field experience. They ensure the best choice of resources and the development of innovative solutions that are scalable and user-friendly. We have developed into a one-stop destination that provides the end point.


The mobile application development solutions include the latest development methods to ensure the best possible user experience. It designs customized digital products that provide consistent user experience on all modern platforms and equipment.

Our process involves business analysis, UI/UX design, mobile application testing prior to full deployment or launch of the application.

It is not just a mobile application development company; it is an organization that provides final experience through its Android, iOS and cross-platform mobile applications. For many years it has won a trusted client worldwide

  • 5x faster mobile application development

  • Best UI/UX design for your mobile application

  • Low-code application development


It is not just a mobile application development company; it is an organization that provides final experience through its Android, iOS and cross-platform mobile applications. For many years it has won a trusted client worldwide.

Clients: New York University, Microsoft, Idali, La Colombé, Empire State Building, Land Central, Lightning Books, American Jazz Museum, VTB Insurance, Rebihill, Postmark, Carpo, Cakemix

Professional Project: Adroid & iPhone Applied Design and Development, Application Shop Optimization, Application Marketing, Application Maintenance and Application Design

Innowise Group

The Innowise Group is a full-cycle mobile application development company with a wealth of expertise for over 15 years. Their professionals assisted enterprises and entrepreneurship throughout the development of mobile applications, ranging from technical advice and the creation of participatory UI/UX designs to deployment and testing.

Together with local and cross-platform mobile development, ingenuity groups specialize in the development of advanced technologies, such as AR/VR, block chains, AI/ML and IOT, can enrich mobile applications with prominent functions.

In addition to their outstanding technical skills in finance, banking, health, e-commerce, retailing, logistics, transport, tourism, education, and recreation, they have a strong industrial knowledge.

Key clients:, Voka, Belyagdar, Instatsport

Specialization: Custom Software Development, Software Product Development, Establishment of a Specialized Development Centre, Software Outsourcing, Information Technology Audit and Consulting, Software Architecture, Business Analysis, IT Outsourcing and Staff Upgrading, Digital Transformation, UI/UX Design, 3D Design and Animation, Quality Assurance, Project Management, DevOps


ResourceFi is one of the largest mobile application developers in the United States and globally. The top mobile application developer specializes in local application development and hybrid application development. The developer of mobile phone applications is the construction specialist for income-generating applications in ResourceFi.

ResourceFi has a diverse team experienced in building mobile applications for different industries such as automobiles, education, health care and finance. The organization has the capability to design, develop and deliver mobile applications best suited to their clients.

The mobile application development team is fully capable of serving clients with the latest functionality and technology. The top mobile application development company is one of the best partners in the next mobile application development project.

Mercury Development

The Mercury Development Corporation, based in Miami FL, is one of the top 10 mobile applications development company in the international market. Mercury is a potential choice when picking the finest iOS and Android development partner.

Mercury Development Corporation has several well-trained developers and consultants with experience to build user friendly and seamless applications.


ScienceSoft is amongst the most popular mobile app development company. They offer reliable iOS, Android, and Hybrid mobile app development services.

It focuses on outstanding services for business applications in the mobile development domain. They offer services in mobile domain starting from mobile app consulting to UX/UI design to app development and testing

This top mobile app development business in the USA is skilled in handling a wide range of services, including creating cross-platform apps with React Native, Flutter, Cordova, and Ionic as well as native iOS and Android apps in Objective-C and Swift.


One of the above-mentioned companies may be just what your company needs to succeed in this fiercely competitive business environment.

Consider your company's requirements carefully, and then evaluate them with the experience of the best mobile app developer.

The level of service you receive and the improvement in your business will surprise you.

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